15 September 2016

Hanging Concrete on Walls

New product sample wall installed at the Lafarge HQ in KL, Concrete Deevelopment Lab showroom. Client is happy and so are we! Still a few more samples to come so watch this space for updates.new_productwall_cdl_img_2215


22 August 2016

First retail installation for Lafarge

First retail installation completed for Lafarge Holcim at Sing Lee Trading in Muar, Johor. A bold move into the consumer market for Lafarge to promote 'prosolutions', their custom products to help achieve perfect walls for the DIY enthusiast or small contractor. Leveraging on our relationship with Jotun paints we managed to help cross-sell both products for a complete wall solution giving brand visibility to both in this hardware store environment. More to come with 15 more stores targetted for 2016.

First retail installation for Lafarge

31 May 2016

Kanthan Showcase Area

LafargeHolcim have just awarded us the task of improving their visitor experience at the Kanthan Cement plant in Ipoh. We will be renovating the reception areas for Phase 1 by mid August 2016 and Phase 2 to include PPE training, VIP and staff will be done year end.

The strategy is to improve the brand experience and educate visitors on the plant operations and LafargeHolcim product innovations.

Kanthan Showcase Area

12 January 2016

Antalis Design Competition

Last week, I was judging the entries for Antalis paper company, Conqueror design contest for students. Rather disappointing standard of work for the 70+ entries and somewhat distracted by the poorly written rationales, full of grammatical errors and badly presented work. The design industry really needs to pick up a gear in Malaysia if it wants to be taken seriously.

Antalis Design Competition

17 December 2015


Found this story on Seth Godin's blog....very good.

We've been doing it all our lives, and it's easy to misunderstand. Shopping feels like the method we use to get the things we need.


Except more than a billion people on earth have never once gone shopping. Never once set out with money in their pockets to see what's new, to experience the feeling of, "maybe I'll buy that," or, "I wonder how that will look on me..."

Shopping is an entertaining act, distinct from buying.

Shopping is looking around, spending time in search of choosing how to spend money. Shopping is buying something you've never purchased before.

For many people, shopping is nothing but a risk. The risk that one might buy the wrong thing, waste money, waste time, become indebted. For many, replenishment, buying what your parents bought, getting enough to live on... that's all there is, that's enough.

If we're going to shop, then, there's an imperative to make it engaging, thrilling and worth the resources we put into it. The shopping mall (what a concept) is less than a hundred years old, and in the States anyway, they're not building many more of them.

Shopping on the internet is pushing this dichotomy. The idea of subscribing to household goods (like razors and soap) eliminates the chore of shopping and makes buying automatic. On the other hand, Kickstarter wants nothing to do with needs and with replenishment--the entire site is about the thrill of shopping, with meaning and stuff intermingled.

In a culture dominated by consumerism, it's our shopping choices that consistently alter our world.


5 October 2015

Design. Changes. Everything.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 3.13.43 PM
Like the look of this documentary and especially like the preview (check out the link below). Those silicon valley boys do need to get some better styling tips though...looks like they all buy the same magazines, listen to the same music and watch the same movies...they even have the same laptops! "Designer's have to think about people, and their emotional state"....totally agree. www.designdisruptors.com


28 September 2015

Free phone + Internet access

Is there such a thing? Interesting service launched in the UK. Can this be the start of change consumers need form all those greedy telecoms or is it just another capitalist venture? Check it out: uk.freedompop.com


27 August 2015

Proper coffee

IMG_1119Recent trip to London and came across this wonderful espresso machine outside Putney Bridge station. 1957 Gaggia operated by a passionate barrister who appreciates quality and good coffee. Bloody rare these days. Eat your vending machines Costa!


27 August 2015

The Shard

wpid-wp-14387543938681-e1441871386622Recent visit to London and can't fail to see this 87 storey skyscraper wherever you go. £45 for a trip up for views of London.... a bit steep I say!


13 May 2015

From office to hotel

image I just heard our old office in Beach Road, Singapore is now converted to a hotel. At least they didn't tear it down... But then again, maybe they should have!


1 April 2015

Only 15% pay tax!

image GST starts in Malaysia today but the figures in the news today say only 15% of registered companies are currently paying tax. I find that outstanding. How do people have the balls to get away with it.


27 March 2015

REAL schools. REAL Education

image We've been asked to look at bringing some clarity to what's become a confusing brand structure for R.E.A.L Education as they've grown rapidly over the past few years. Like many growing businesses here they desperately need clear up a confusing brand architecture to give some clarity to their customers.



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